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08 March 2009 @ 11:26 pm
I'm sitting here procrastinating. When I should really write a crapload of poems for my writer's craft class. In which i must present a poem tomorrow because we're having a "coffee house" event. And apparently like.. the classroom will be all decorated with stuff and it'll be dark and there'll be bongo drums and dimmed lights, and a spotlight and jazz music.. etc. Like those typical poem corner places you see on tv XD

Errmmm... I'm trying to get inspired here.. but nothing's helping. But I shall talk about my weekend since i haven't posted in so long. So on Saturday I went shopping in downtown Toronto.. alone. To look for my friend's birthday present lol And i ended up getting her this friggin $88 purse from Urban Outfitters. -.-'

It's a NICE purse though lol.

Soo later on that night I went to her dinner getogether and we went to Imperial buffet which is like some buffet.. and i hate buffets because they always make me feel fat after. And so like.. My friend and I walk in and see Lauren (the birthday girl) all dressed up in a tiara and everything.. Everyone was really dressed up at a buffet for some reason.. It was rather retarded lol So we see Lauren standing at the counter and she saw us and frantically waved at us to come to her. So we go up and she says to us " soo we have to pay before we go in and sit down." And I was like "Okay, how much is it?" and there were two recipts on the counter one without pop and one with pop. So I look at the one without pop and its like $28 and I only brought a twenty. So like I ask "do you accept debit?" and he was like "atm machine overe der." And I SERIOUSLY don't trust random shanty atm machines yo. So i was so mad. And i saw that I only had $113 in my account!! I was fully shittin bricks here.

So yeah.. I take out a twenty and go up to the thing to pay. So I look at the guy and say "without pop, please." And apparently from my friend the guy at the cash slowly smiled at me while I looked down at my wallet. Obviously it was a creepy ugly asian dude working at these stupid buffet places so I was completely oblivious even when he took the longest time to count my change and hand me the coins one by one and my ten dollar bill. T_T And then Lizzie told me this and I was grossed out BECAUSE HE KEPT SHOWING UP NEAR OUR TABLE to see if we were doing fine. And it was like a party of 17 people. Ugh asians are so creepy. 

Anywaysss.... the ONE thing that brightened my evening was the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN OMGAH!!! :D:D:D:DD

I literally stood beside that fountain, skewered 10 strawberries and covered my plate and the strawberries in chocolate. And when I got back to the table I stuffed them all in my face and I was like.. a mess. My face was covered in chocolate AHAHA.
I died and went to heaven.. I nearly choked on one of the strawberries because i was laughing so hard at something. Everyone got so worried and I just kept eating ahahaha.

Well after we went to my friend Christina's for cake and I felt sick so I left early lol. And that was the most interesting day of my weekend. Today was just nothing but watching tv and reading a disturbing koyashige fanfic. -.-'

I have nothing against homosexuals!! It's just that I can't see SHIGE with a man. He's just too perfect. Oh I never talked how much I love Kato at the moment. Well, I read it and it was cute, but like it's wrong. WRONG :(

But yeah like.. ahhh i can't talk about it anymore it's just.. no. He's just too wonderful to be seen with a man. And in those situations.. omgah. -.-

But yes.. I'm on the verge of tears because i haven't seen Watchmen yet. Everyone tells me how amazing the movie is and i'm like OMG i've been waiting to see it for months  now. And i've read the book and it's amazing and I just HAVE to see . ughh. I guess I'll cut off my blabbering for now. 
UGH now koyashige's on my mind now >.<

It's just wrongggg. Sorry to offend anyone. But.. omg noo not Shige-san.  :(
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☆いつでも恵美^^itsudemo_emi on March 9th, 2009 04:12 am (UTC)
oh my god LOOOOOOOLZ
that coffee house shit sounds pretty ballin' yo
why do i keep saying that? I just noticed now...that I'd been saying it all weekend LOL!? WTF
just like replace the names with bob and jill or something
actually that sounds even worse don't do that LOL
I'll be sure to make my next fanfic extra sexy just for you.
p.s. its gonna be koyashige again

may_samay_sa on March 9th, 2009 04:44 am (UTC)
oh i hate you.