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03 March 2009 @ 04:12 pm
 Omg.. So like the stupidest thing happened to me today after school and I just HAVE to explain how it went, like, it was so dumb. Ok, soo today after school, I waited for my friend Lizzie to get her stuff together so we can walk home together. Except that day she had band after and couldn't walk... So then I decided to just chill and talk to a bunch of friends and wait for my other friend Nicole to have people walk home with her. 

Soooo.. after having some shits and giggles and the people Nicole were waiting for totally didn't come back to fetch her, we decided to look for them. So we looked and they were totally gone..

And so we decided to walk home with each other.. partially. 

Ok, then off we go into the hallway with two exits. One was blocked up by a gang of big black guys, so we decided to walk to the other one on the other end of the hallway. 

Oh! Just to mention, usually this hallway is like filled with gangsters and annoying chicks who think highly of themselves and are like.. really loud and are like... scary. But like.. they're all like black and very outspoken. NOT BEING RACIST or anything.

But yeah, so then we walk down the hallway and I'm listening to like NEWS or Arashi in one of my ears and like I'm talking to Nicole. So we're walking.. and all the sudden I heard these loud shrieks of laughter. And I'm completely oblivious to this and I'm just like.. "oh ok something's funny." And then i look at Nicole and she's giggling and I go.. "what?" and then i hear one of the ugly chicks go like "OMGAH LOOK AT HER PANTS!! HAHAHAHA!" and another one go " THEY'RE LIKE PLASTIC!! HAHAA!" 

Annnnnnnnddddddddd INSTANTLY I knew they were talking about me. Like, last week I bought this pair of awesome shiny black leggings at Urban Outfitters that I like literally ADORE and they suit me and my personality perfectly. And I wore them today and recieved tons of compliments on them and was even asked to have them be felt by people. But then like.. at the end of the day, these fat ugly chicks go on and howl in laughter at my pride and joy. 

And even when we turned after the hallway was like.. far away one of the ugly retards actually was at the other end of the hallway looking after me and shrieked. At first I was like "Oh.. ok. That's retarded." But after like.. It started bugging me. Like.. All I could think was like.. "Oh those friggin bitches have nothing else to do but sit on their cellulite and laugh at other peoples pants." 

HONESTLY! Says the people who wears like.. vibrant coloured skinny jeans that make their asses look huge and fucking gross and out of proportion, and wearing ugly shirts made with dirty crap from sirens or those ugly parkas and jeans from apple bottoms. Like, get a sense of fashion!!! And get friggin lives! I mean I never criticized them.. sorta. But still! fucking douchebags.. UGH.

Other than that, school was a typical. I did nothing in history and in Writer's craft I wrote a splendid poem about the girl's washroom on the third floor. IN WHICH!! My hot teacher that looks JUST like Paul Rudd, said was "excellent!" and "DAMN good." :)

Anyways, I'm still incredibly irritated by those stupid black girls. And I do hope they get slapped in the face by Karma. Just like how Shigeaki Kato takes pride in his own sense of fashion and personality, I shall as well. Well I always have.. But just this situation is an example of how cruel people are.. especially to whom people label as "emo" which is a load of shit really. But yeha.. that's life.

Ahh well, I'll continue to wear my shiny leggings no matter what dem ugly bitches say. :D  
That's way too much for today, haha. Until next time!  
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☆いつでも恵美^^itsudemo_emi on March 3rd, 2009 10:41 pm (UTC)
Personally, I don't believe that Shige should take pride in his asscap or his middle part. :)
LOL but that was pretty funny I guess
Did you wear...just leggings?
Because my mom does that all the time and I'm like, guy, that's gross.
Anyways, yeah lol I fucking hate those coloured skinny jeans! FUCK!
may_samay_sa on March 3rd, 2009 10:46 pm (UTC)
and Shige is more proud of his.. silver shoes than that ass cap.
well so i think LOL
and i was like ..well the leggings are like meant to be worn with like a long shirt.
and i was fully covered.. by my long shirt.
☆いつでも恵美^^itsudemo_emi on March 4th, 2009 01:41 am (UTC)
Are you not being a complete conformist by wearing a long shirt with leggings that are supposed to be worn with a long shirt?
Anyways, why didn't you reply to my comment so that I'd actually get like a notification or something from it?
Anyways, my koyashige icon looks so much nicer here on lj~!
n___n yayyayayayayayayyayayayayayayayayayay